New Brunswick Research Data Centre

The New Brunswick Research Data Centre (NB-RDC) was among the first RDCs to commence operations in Canada (2001). The NB-RDC includes a full-time centre at UNB Fredericton, a satellite location at UNB Saint John, and branches at Université de Moncton as well as Memorial University of Newfoundland. The NB-RDC is part of a Canadian research network with both a national and regional focus.

As a provincial and regional resource, the New Brunswick Research Data Centre is part of the national Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) to put Statistics Canada data into the hands of researchers.

Should I apply for access to the NB-RDC?

Before submitting an application for access to an RDC, we recommend that you check whether Statistics Canada public use microdata files (PUMFs) through the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) could meet your research needs. All three NB-RDC universities are DLI institutions and provide specialized data services. To help you determine whether a PUMF meets your needs you should investigate the data pages of your institution (there will be links for DLI Contacts at each university): UNB, U de M, or MUN.